Saturday, October 25, 2014

Five for Fraturday: My Batty Week

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share 5 random things about my batty week and a freebie! 
Fridays are always the craziest! Every other Friday i open my doors for 30 minutes. Students who topped the clip chart or had the most team points are invited in for Lunch Bunch. I knew I wanted to do a Halloween craft, but i had to throw this together at the last minute because I forgot about it. I cut up some orange and black construction paper. Easy peasy. My kiddos cut the orange paper. I'm always amazed when that HUGE piece of paper turns into the tiniest thing. I gave them a few directions for the face. Triangles and rectangles.:) I went around and cut and matching back piece for each student. Once all the pieces were glued on, I stapled the back of the pumpkin and began stuffing each one with newspaper. Voila! A puffy jack-o-lantern!
It's Bat Week in my room! We kicked off the week with a KWL chart. I was pleasantly surprised by how much my kiddos I'm kicking myself for not having taken any photos!! Arg! It's so hard to remember to break out of the camera. You can snag the chart by clicking {HERE}. #freebie
These are some of the books we've been using to gather information about bats. These non-fiction texts have been perfect for reading aloud to my firsties. And let me tell you... my little friends just eat up those photos! They love anything scary, creepy, or just plain gross. Do your kiddos like the scary, yucky stuff? #yuck
We've been doing a close read of Stellaluna. I had never read it until this week and LOVE it. The language is just rich and my students are eating up the story. We've discussed new words we heard, verbs, and next week we'll begin comparing and contrasting Stellaluna and the birds. I shared this with my students and they immediately began raising their hands to share similarities. I had to ask them to hold onto those ideas for next week. I'll do my best to come back and share photos next Friday.
It may be October, but our stockings are here! My husband loved Pottery Barn's knit stockings, so he ordered them. I love that they're personalized with a decent font! #fontsnob #sorrynotsorry

Well friends, I'm off to enjoy some pumpkin patch fun. I have to relax a little since next  is going to be cray cray! Red Ribbon Week, Halloween party, plus a Faculty meeting... oh boy!

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  1. Seriously...third comment try's a charm...right? :)
    Sounds like your next week will be a lot like my next week!
    Thanks for the bat book suggestions. Our focus story next week has a bat as the main character, so we'll be doing a bat mini-study too.
    Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)