Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Recap of our LOVEly Week

all about penguins
"Penguins are great swimmers."
Last week may have been short, but it was jam-packed with fun activities, including a Valentine’s Day partay! The first thing we did after the 3 day weekend was finish off our penguin hats. I didn’t expect it to be a 2-day process, but we had to write, color, and cut. And boy howdy, that takes time in first grade! I love how they turned out and my kiddos were thrilled once they were finished.
This chart is a freebie created by Teacher Bits and Bobs.
We started comparing numbers with the help of Mr. Alligator. This chant from Teacher Bits and Bobs was a big help. I changed “biggest” to “greatest” because I try my best to reinforce the use of the math vocabulary. We also made alligators to use when comparing the cubes. My little friends LOVED being able to manipulate them.
comparing 2 digit numbers

We have continued to work on learning those doubles! I updated my Double It game. This version has some cute girly colors. You can head to my Facebook page to if you’d like to save it for next year.
Well, it was re got some girly colorsWe ended the week with a fun Valentine’s Day party. My kiddos made MAILBOTS. They were asked to cut a mouth and 2 eyes into a box. Easy peasy! Check out some of the spiffy mailbots my kiddos made.

Valentine's day craft
Teacher Tip: Have students address their Valentine cards to “friend.” It makes passing out those cute cards so much easier. Then, they just give a card to each of their classmates. DONE! No confusion and you don’t have to read a single card. Except for your own sweet love notes.
Valentine's day mailbox

How did your party turn out? Do you have any teacher tips to share?

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