Friday, October 16, 2015

Tricks and Treats Blog Hop

Even teachers should get to trick-or-treat, right?! The teachers from the The Elementary Entourage thought so too! We've gotten together to offer a Tricks and Treats Blog Hop! So grab your teacher bag and start collecting those goodies!

Here's my trick: Use a timer to monitor transitions or manage class activities. I use timers for EVERYTHING! I have a special one that's super loud for reading transitions.

Make sure to announce the amount of time students have to complete an activity. For instance, I might say to the class, "You have 1 minute to come up with 3 things you learned about bats. Ready, go!" This creates a sense of urgency.

Do you have any of these goodies?? I found them at the Dollar Store and the Target Dollar Spot. I use them to play some of my favorite autumn math games. #iheartmathtime

I made this new game to match the work we've been doing with subtraction. There's a workmat and recording sheet. I don't use recording sheets often, but I definitely felt like my kiddos needed to practice writing out those number sentences. 

Click {HERE} to get your hands on this freebie.

Be sure to check out some of the blogs below for more tricks and treats.


  1. oh sooooo cute using the erasers for math practice! Love it. Also I've always thought about using timers or music for transitions but never did it. Must remember to do so.

  2. I use my timer so often, but using it to create urgency for turn & talk or coming up with ideas on the carpet is an amazing trick that will be happening on monday in my class!

  3. I love those erasers! I can see I am going to need a timer, too. Thanks for sharing! So glad you are a part of EE!!!!

  4. Love the timer! I need to get better at when I say one minute----I need to STICK TO MY GUNS with the time! Too often I'll let it stretch a bit longer….yikes!

    Love the ideas!

  5. Such a good idea to use a timer! I love using themed erasers for things, so thanks for this freebie!! We are happy to have you be a part of our blog!!
    Tickled Pink in Primary