Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blog Tutorial: Add your pretty picture

I love dressing up my sidebar and did a few tutorials last summer. You can check them out here and hereWould you like to add your photo to your blog's sidebar?  I'll show you how using PowerPoint.
Open up Powerpoint and select <Picture from file>. Once the photo is open you can select a frame from the Format Picture Tab. I chose a rounded edge. You can easily add an effect  if you look through the drop-down.
Words can be added to the photo with a <Text Box>. I chose a KG font and typed "Hello!" 
After this, choose <Select All> and right-click over the image, click <Save as Picture>. 
Now, that the photo is saved you can go to your blog dashboard and select <Layout>. Then, choose <Add a gadget>. Find <Image> and choose the photo that you saved. You can add a title if you like... or not. Make sure you select the box "Shrink to Fit" so that it adjusts the photo to fit nicely in the sidebar. Click Save and you're done. Ta-da! 
You may have noticed that my photo has my little bio attached. You can do that by adding another text box. If you'd like me to share more about it just leave a comment or email me. 

Hope this helps dress up your sidebar! ^_^

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  1. This is awesome! Thank you so much, Carol! I'm off to play around with some pictures!

    Lucky to Be in First