Thursday, July 17, 2014

Make It a Double, please!

I briefly mentioned that I wrapped up my Make It a Double pack. It’s a unit that focuses on the addition strategies of Doubles and Doubles +1.  This strategy can be helpful as students learn their addition facts. I typically begin with plus 1 and plus 0 facts. It's definitely a motivator as students experience a sense of accomplishment. Like when I put the smallest things on my to-do list just so I can have something to cross off. Pack lunch. Done! Oh, you don't do that? Once students master those facts, the next step is to master the doubles facts. I've created some fun games and printables that will allow students to practice using the doubles strategy. Check it out! 
Last year, I used an interactive math notebook. Although I must say that I didn't use it consistently enough. Next year, I plan on making more time and using it more frequently. I love the idea of students using it as a reference tool. I've included a few pages that will fit nicely in a composition notebook. The vocabulary posters have also been resized and can be printed on one sheet (black and white). 
Since I'm heading to first grade, I definitely plan on using more emergent readers. I created a little reader that is printer friendly. Figured that one out the hard way. The pages can be printed back to back to save paper. You can choose to have your students practice their doubles facts 1 to 5 or 6 to 10. I will probably print the doubles facts 1-10 and have students keep them in their book bags. Math and reading?! Love it! #ilovemath
Ohemgee! Do your kiddos love math games?! I plan on placing this at a math work station this year. It's called, "THE FREEZER." Brrr.... Students must solve math facts and determine whether they will move forward, backward, or not at all. The first friend to reach the freezer wins! 
2-5 players practice with sums to 11
Are you ready to check it out! Click {HERE} to find it in my shop. You can get it for 25% off for the next 48 hours. Would you like to WIN A COPY? Leave a comment below telling me what grade you teach and I'll send it to a winner tomorrow morning. Don't forget to include your email address. #winit
There are 80 pages of Doubles and Doubles+1 fun!

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  1. i Teach 2nd grade- what a great product for the beginning of the year.