Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What happens in Vegas...ends up on my blog!

I had the most incredible Las Vegas trip! And no it’s not because I hit the jackpot, because I didn’t. It’s because I met some incredible teachers and made some amazing friends at the first TpT Sellers Conference! I’m telling you… I could write an entire post on each teacher that I met there because they are all so kind, funny, and friendly. So here I am linking up with Deirdre from A Burst of First to share about my adventures in Vegas.

I arrived on Wednesday just in time for the HUGE meet-up that included over 500 teachers. I was super nervous because I arrived alone. I quickly chatted up a few teachers that were entering just as I was, so it made it a little better. Suddenly, the room began to fill up though. It was a tad bit overwhelming as the room became crowded and we all began shouting at each other. I was super excited when I finally ran into Marcy from Saddle Up for Second and Ashley from Shroeder Shenanigans in 2nd! People I knew, except not really. It was so fun meeting the friends that I chat with online.#theyarereal
From left to right: Ashley, Marcy and I waiting for prizes. Check out that crowd! I met my IG friend and awesome seller Aimee Salazar. 
I had the pleasure of meeting April McNair from A Modern Teacher. I recently won one of her teacher planners and am super excited to print and bind it this week. I also met Stephanie Stewart from Falling into First. I blogged about her “Shakin Quakin Earth Rocks” unit here. Her units are amazing! This one included wonderful articles and projects for my second graders. She mentioned that she was going back to teaching a single grade next year, although I can’t recall if she said 1st or 2nd. Oops.

The TpT Sellers Conference began bright and early on Friday. We all had the pleasure of listening to Paul as he shared how he launched TpT and Deanna Jump shared her inspiring story. Wow! I had tears in my eyes because I HAD NO IDEA! Her story of strength and tenacity would inspire anyone. There were 4 sessions where we learned some actionable tips for creating better products. I wanted to run to my computer and immediately begin “fixing” some of my products. Needless to say, my to-do list is incredibly long.
I met Nikki Casassa the Melonheadz Illustrator! Eek! 

I got to hang out with Ashley from SchroederShenanigans in 2nd, Sarah from A Rocky Top Teacher, Nicole from All Things Apple in 2nd, Angie from Mrs. Olson's Lucky Little Learners, and Marcy from Saddle Up forSecond Grade throughout the conference. We attended sessions together, had lunch, and took silly photos. #hellophotobooth At the meet-up on Friday I chatted with Amna from Teach Two Reach, Brittany Lynch, Beth from A Kindergarten Life for Me, and the ladies from All Y'all Need. My hubby made a friend too! He met his East Coast counterpart (Amna’s husband). He came up and said, “Guess what this guy does?” My response: “Seriously?! He couldn’t possibly have the same boring job that you do.” HA! But he did! My husband is a Researcher and Data Analyst… boring! They are both great guys though. They both shared stories of laminating, cutting, and shopping for their teacher-wives. Real men do marry teachers.

It was great meeting and chatting with talented friends from all over the country. My husband asked if I had learned anything and if I was glad that I went. Of course, I told him that I was sooooo happy that I went. Although it was great to learn some tips for selling/blogging, I feel as though the most important thing I gained from this conference are the connections and friendships I made. I found teachers who are just as passionate about teaching, obsessed with clipart, and crazy about creating resources. I’m already looking forward to next year’s conference because I didn’t get to meet all of the bloggers and teachers I wanted to. I would love to attend I Teach 1st as well. I hope to see you there next year, friends!

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