Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September Currently

Hello September! Goodbye August. ::sniff sniff:: I'm linking up with Farley to share how things are going in first grade. Let me just tell you... I look tore up! Everyone says it'll get better, so I keep going back in with a smile on my face! 
Listening to the local news. Half-listening.

Loving my new teamies!!!! I'm on a new team (since I moved to first grade). One of my team mates has been taught first grade for 10 years! Talk about finding your calling. She's my hero! My other team mate is a newbie. She's a super sweet and smart girl.

Thinking about how I lost sleep Monday night just thinking about this week. I've got a rough group this year, so I was SUPER nervous about starting literacy centers. Not only are they a rowdy bunch, but they are not nearly as capable as my 2nd graders (which is to be expected. But half of my kiddos are still reading at a level A. Yikes! I was worried that they were going to struggle, but I was pleasantly surprised by how it went. #sighofrelief

Wanting to play with my brand new Domino Filofax. It's hot pink and oh so pretty! It's my first Filofax and I am hooked! I went out and bought some new wash tape and post-its. Ha! As if I need any more. 
Needing to wrap up my newest 2nd Grade Common Core Gradebook already! I made the mistake of creating these babies in Microsoft Word and it has been such a pain to update or change them. Arg! This one will have 30 student slots and it's almost ready!! Thank goodness!

3 trips I'd like to take...
1. We always end the school year with thematic unit on the Amazon Rainforest. I'm always snagging photos from the internet and would absolutely love to see everything in person. 
2. I love studying Ancient Greece and want to take a trip to Pompeii, Greece some day. I saw a really spiffy exhibit at the Franklin museum in Philadelphia earlier this year. They had some artifacts and replicas from the original site. Oh, is my nerdiness showing?
3. I definitely want to go to China so I can hold a panda!! That's my dream. Unless there's somewhere in the states that does it. Anyone know of any places?

Well friends, how are your first days going?


  1. Oh gosh... I have joined the washi bandwagon and I have more washi than I know what to do with haha. Good luck with your class!!
    Third Grade Tidbits

  2. It's so nice to have a good team! I joined a new team and it makes things run so much smoother when you have a strong team to work with!

  3. You will love Greece. I have been there many times because my family is from there. It's gorgeous, hope you make it one day. Good luck this school year.