Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Everything: Math Games & Winter Writing!

He was not fond of that bright sunlight
This has been a busy week! I started off the week in Disneyland. My godson loves all things Disney and we were lucky enough to be able to join him as he celebrated his 3rd birthday. It was such a blast because he is talking up a storm now! 

I'm so pumped for December and Christmas! Everything about it seems magical... The singing, the gift-giving, the lights, the cookies, my birthday. LOVE LOVE IT ALL!
Did I mention that we got a classroom elf??? I wasn’t able to last year, so it’s my first year doing it. I am soooooo ready!!! I'm using #classroomelf14 to share my photos on Instagram. 

So, the class chose Elsa as her name and asked to be renamed the second day. How dare her! Now, I love the movie Frozen, but couldn't spend the next three weeks calling that elf Elsa! Does your class have an elf? What's his or her name?
I love adding some holiday cheer to our math stations and literacy centers. Since I've moved to first grade I decided to update my Join in All the Reindeer Games pack. I've added an even and odd sort with 2-digit numbers. Students will sort the cards based on the number of cubes shown. The second activity requires 3 dice for students to practice adding 3 numbers. My kiddos definitely need more practice with this. There's a blank sheet and a second sheet with numbers already placed (in case you’d like to print and use). Click {HERE} to check it out.
I’ve also added a Winter Writing pack to my store, which I'm super excited about! I’ve been looking for ways to hold my students accountable during Literacy Centers. I have a writing center, but wasn’t getting much from my kiddos. So I decided to create a booklet on a monthly basis with themed papers. Each page has a word bank consisting of words related to a particular question or theme. My students used the Fall Writing papers and have been so much more productive at this center. Not to mention it’s easy to see who’s been working and who’s been clowning around. I’ve also set the bar higher for my advanced students, because I expect them to produce more writing. Click {HERE} to check it out.

Would you like one these packs for FREE? Just leave me a comment with your email and I'll choose a friend. Welp, time to head out and get some Christmas shopping done. I've only got a handful of gifts. Yikes! How is your shopping coming along?


  1. I don't have a classroom elf, but at home we do and we named him Buddy! We needed something easy my 2 year old could say! Your Reindeer Games pack looks super cute!

  2. Your Winter Writing pack looks great!

  3. Our elf's name is Jingles. I love the idea of the word bank at the top of your Winter Writing pack.