Thursday, January 1, 2015

Currently January... 2015!

Hello friends! Hello 2015! 
I'm linking up with Farley to share my first Currently of 2015! Whoa! Where'd that come from?!

LISTENING: My hubby is playing a video game that he got for Christmas. He's enjoying the last days of his vacation. #2weekvacation #bummer

LOVING: I am loving that I still have 11 more days of Winter Break. Yipee!! Wait, did I count right? I am enjoying my free time and being able to sleep in. Although, I'm sad to say that I've missed Good Morning America almost everyday. Ugh!!! That's one of my favorite shows to watch on TV during vacation time.

THINKING: I need to get back to that to-do list! Let's see, I still haven't read ANY books or finished that Teacher Room. Oops! 

WANTING: I got a DSLR camera for Christmas from my husband! I'm so excited because I've been dying to get my hands on one. I was actually saving up my TpT earnings to buy one, but it looks like my hubby beat me. I got a Nikon D3300 because it was one of the best reviewed DSLRs for beginners. I've read the manual and watched some YouTube tutorials. Now, I want to play with it some more. 
NEEDING: I really need to finish up cleaning my Teacher Room! Christmas pretty much threw up in there. But in addition to all that mess there are half-filled boxes of junk stuff from my old classroom. I was able to clean up the Christmas chaos within a day, but the rest has been such a pain to sort through. #soclose

YES: I got a Fitbit Flex and it's helping me to stay motivated! I am NOT the type of girl who's going to run a marathon ever anytime soon. I most definitely need someone something to kick me in the rear to get going. This Fitbit is surely going to help me be more active. #gethealthy
MAYBE: I plan on going to Vegas this summer for the TpT conference. But wouldn't it be awesome if I could go to I Teach 1st as well?! I heard such great things about the gals who presented. I'd love love to hear their advice in person. 
I WISH: Mediterranean cruise. I was hoping this might happen this year, but it looks like it's just not in the cards. Mr.H may be starting a new job soon, which would mean his vacation accrual will start all over. BOOO! So far now I'll just keep pinning pictures on Pinterest

Well, it looks like it's time for hot cocoa! I mean... a carrot! Ha! What's your favorite winter treat?


  1. Hi Carol, So glad I found you through currently. I'm your newest follower. I want one of those cameras too for sure! Jealous you have so much break left...I go back Tuesday. Take care! xoxo,
    Teaching and Much Moore

  2. Happy New Year, Carol! You have 11 more days of vacation? I'm so jealous! I have to go back on the 5th. Enjoy your time off!

  3. I don't have a Fit Bit but I have a Jawbone 24 (similar). I love my Jawbone but I definitely need to be better about meeting my step goals! I'm hoping to use it as a gym incentive when I don't meet my goals. As for my favorite winter treat, I love hot chocolate and coffee with the holiday creamer. Yum!

    Enjoy the rest of your break! I'm envious of the 10 days you have left!
    My Shoe String Life

  4. I got a fitbit flex for my birthday. I like it a lot! It's a great motivation... although some days I blame small group rotations on the low numbers haha!

    Enjoy the rest of your break! I got back tomorrow :(

    Halfway There