Saturday, July 25, 2015

Money Saving Tips {Weekend Warriors}

I’m back again for another Weekend Warriors linky party. This month we’re getting together to share tips and tricks that will help you save yo’ money! Who doesn’t want to keep some change in their pocket?
My first tip is to PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENTS. You should definitely be protecting all those goodies that you’re spending your precious dollars on. One way to make your paperback books last a little longer is to cover them with contact paper. I bought a lot of new books for my students last month and plan on adding them to the take-home section of my classroom library. These books go through a lot of little hands. Last year, I only covered a few of my books and many of them ripped.

Let’s have a moment of silence for those poor little books. They never saw it coming.

All you need to cover your books are: contact paper and scissors. Super cheap materials that will allow you to keep your books a little bit longer. The Inspired Owl’s Corner has a great tutorial on her blog that explains each step. Click {HERE} to head to her blog post. 
My next tip is to INVEST WISELY. There are certainly things you should splurge on and things that you can savel on. Classroom mailboxes… splurge. Stickers and bins… save. Yes, Target’s Dollar Spot has lots of goodies that will save you money, but so does the Dollar Tree. Their bins are great for classroom libraries and they’re much more sturdy than they used to be. I’ve had some pretty rough kiddos (they really tear things up), and my library bins have lasted me for years. You don't have to spend a fortune on turn-in baskets either. You can find great baskets at the Dollar Tree or Target Dollar Spot.
My last money saving tip is to BE A BARGAIN HUNTER. Yes, the Dollar Spot has cheap things, but sometimes they are just that…CHEAP. Yes, that adorable caddy may only by a dollar, but how long will it be before it breaks? And those reusable sheet protectors… how sturdy are they? Be on the lookout at school supply stores and websites like Amazon. Sometimes, they have better prices for the more durable necessities.
Photo credit: Thenumbertwentyone Those neon pockets are sometimes less than a dollar each as well.
Well friends, I hope that one of these money saving tips helps you out. And be sure to check out the other blogs below for MORE money saving tips and tricks. I know how hard you work and that you spend your own money on your classroom and littles. I truly appreciate all that you do. Keep it up!

Do you have a money saving tip or trick for me?! I’m all ears… comment below or link up with us! 

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