Friday, July 17, 2015

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (in Vegas)

I'm linking up with the Elementary Entourage to share about the TpT Conference and all my Vegas fun! I had THE BEST TIME EVER this year! I was thrilled to meet and share a GINORMOUS room at the Venetian with Cheryl (Auntie’s Sweet Lifeand Janice (1Islandlover). Best roomies ever!!! I felt like we laughed the entire time! #kneeslappingfun

I arrived on Wednesday and pretty much went straight from the plane to the pool. Ashlyn (The Creative Classroom) and Lindsey (It’s Elementary My Dear) hosted the Make a Splash Teacher Bash. We chatted by the pool and enjoyed our three cabanas, as well as snacks and lots of prizes. I still can’t believe I didn’t gamble, because 4 out of 5 of my raffle tickets were winners. I never win anything! I was shocked! I won $25 TpT dollars, 25 seat covers, and money to several TpT shops. #winnerwinnerchickendinner

I made it to the Teacher/Blogger Meet Up with my roomies and a thousand other teachers! Seriously! There were 1000 teachers signed up to attend, the last time I checked. CUH-RAZY! I found some of my favorite teacher-bloggers, old friends and new friends. I definitely didn’t get a chance to see everyone because apparently some of them were on the other side of the room. Yeup! That’s how big it was. I didn’t even catch a glimpse of them. Another bummer… I didn’t make it in time for a swag bag. But I did get a photo with the Freckles from GoNoodle!#glasshalffull
Top Left: My wrinkled Conference agenda. #havingtoomuchfun Top Right: Amy and Adam Freed from TpT. Bottom Right: Cheryl, Janice, and I at the Teacher/Blogger Meet Up. Bottom Left: I agree that this is what TpT is all about. 
On Thursday, I attended the first conference sessions. It was super short because the conference was only half-day. I was able to glean some interesting tidbits from the panels of TpT authors that shared though.

I love connecting with other teacher-bloggers, so I was so glad that Kristen (Easy Teaching Tools) had suggested a show for that evening. I hopped on a party bus and headed to MJ Live with Kristen (Easy Teaching Tools), Beth (A Kindergarten Life), Amy & Lisa (All Y’all Need), Cheryl (Auntie’s Sweet Life), Brittany (Tickled Pink inPrimary), Kathie (Tried and True Teaching Tools), Janice (1IslandLover), Heidi (Glitter is Everywhere), and Lawren (Teaching is a Royal Adventure). We had so much fun and had quite an adventure afterwards when a Michael Jackson fan decided to join us as we waited in line for a photo. I couldn’t resist periscoping her crazy antics. Yes, I said periscoping… Are you on Periscope?! It’s so fun! It’s a live stream of some of your favorite teacher-authors. Check it out! You can follow me @SuperSparklyTeacher.

Friday was definitely my favorite day of sessions because the presenters were so entertaining. Who doesn’t love a presenter with personality? My absolute favorite was Mel D from Seusstastic. She shared so many tips on how to use Pinterest to its fullest potential. If you’re a TpT author I would highly recommend that you VERIFY your website/blog right now!
If you’d like to hear some more tips, please leave a comment below and I’ll get a post up ASAP with some of my favorite tips.

Are you ready to see my favorite Vegas photos?! Check out my video below. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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