Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sight Words {Weekend Warriors}

I can't believe it's the end of the month already! That means it's time for another Weekend Warriors link up! 
This month we're talking about sight words! Sight words are definitely BIG in first grade. So, I'm linking up to share some of the ways my kiddos practice their sight words.

Samson's Classroom

Click HERE to learn more about the app.
I have access to 10 ipads on a daily basis which is great! I'm able to make use of them during literacy centers. Have you used Samson's Classroom? My kiddos LOVE playing this.

Heidi Songs

Click HERE to see the "all" video
Oh my goodness! Have you heard of Heidi Songs?! If you can't afford the DVDs right now, some of the videos are available on Youtube. This is our current favorite... because who doesn't like falling down? Warning: You may start singing these songs at home. #socatchy

Rainbow Write

 My students enjoy rainbow writing their sight words. I do allow students to choose whichever colors they like (as long as they're writing all those words).  I may be adding "dotty write" next week. You can download these papers for free, just click HERE.

On the Way Out

 This was teammate's idea. She posts the sight words near the door, so that students read the words while they wait in line.#whydidntIthinkofthat

Do you have any other ideas? Link up with us! I would definitely love to hear some more ideas for teaching sight words.

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  1. I got to me Heidi B. at the Vegas TPT conference last July! She is fantastic! But I can't afford all her DVD's so I am so glad you recommended YOU TUBE! Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. DiBenedetto's First Grade Critter Cafe

  2. I love the idea of posting the words by the door. Brilliant! Rainbow writing is always so much fun too. I use that with my little one at home and she is happy to practice her words. :) Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    Primarily Speaking

  3. Oh how I wish I had access to a set of iPads on a regular basis-such a gift. Thanks for sharing all your fantastic ideas.

  4. I probably need to have my students write their sight words more. I think they can read them, but don't remember how to spell them when writing. :( I'm going to let them rainbow write some of their sight words this week! I bet they will love it. :) Thanks for the great idea!