Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Sparkly Mother's Day

Mother's Day always seems to sneak up on me! I'm ready for it this year though and 
you can be too!

We started off with a mini-book Snapshots of Mom. My students previewed the questions so that they could ask or lookout for some of Mom's favorites. *wink wink* #littlespies Then, we wrote sentences and drew pictures of favorite meals, hairstyles, shows, and drinks. 

One of my kiddos said, "Heehee... I know my mom's favorite drink..." Me: "Oh yeah, what is it?" Kiddo: "Wine." Of course, this was one of my administrators kids and she just about died when she heard the story from her little one that night.
mothers day craft
After this, I broke out the ::glitter:: and we completed a sparkly craft. My class had so much fun decorating their diamonds rings.
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Have a super sparkly week & Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing teacher-moms!

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