Friday, July 29, 2016

Wristband Reminder Notes

back to school

This past year I had the hardest time getting papers back. Some of my students' backpacks were like black holes. Things went in and never came out. #blackhole I sometimes had to search backpacks for missing homework assignments and realized parents weren't even looking in these bags (at least not on a regular basis). So, when I saw the Wrist Notes in the Target Dollar Spot I got super excited! What a great way to jot a note saying, "Check Johnny's backpack." 

Then I realized I could personalize them and have them ready to go. Check out some of the Ready-to-Print notes below. 

Would you like to write your own message? Go ahead! There are editable versions with clipart only. You can add a text box (in Powerpoint) or handwrite a message.

Would you like to try them out?! Check out the FREEBIE {Click HERE}. It has 4 different Wristband Notes. #freebiealert
If you're interested in buying the pack I'm offering it for 30% OFF through Sunday. #discount 
Enjoy your weekend friends!


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